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White Collar Crime Defense Attorney / Lawyer in West Michigan

The news reports Ponzi schemes and other white collar crime investigations on an almost daily basis – with frightening descriptions of the hefty penalties that can result if convicted.  If you should be caught in one of the investigative sweeps that can ruin not only your reputation but also your bank account, you need the best criminal defense attorney possible.  You need Matthew R. Kacel, Muskegon, Michigan’s answer in returning not guilty verdicts for those wrongfully accused of white collar crime.

Those wrongfully accused often report suspicion of a disgruntled employee or rival company behind accusations of white collar crime activity.  As legal entities are jumping on these investigations to try to decrease the incidence of white collar crime, it is not difficult to be caught in an investigation that covers multiple areas of a business.   White collar crime usually involves either theft or some fraudulent representation with the objective of obtaining monetary reward under deceptive circumstances.

It is easy to feel scared and vulnerable, as personal property can be confiscated in these investigations, such as your personal computer or bank account records.  Don’t try to fight a wrongful accusation on your own – Matthew R. Kacel is ready to use his experience and success in defending you against a wrongful accusation.

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