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Drunk Driving Defense Attorney – Protecting Your Rights Under The Law.

There is no time to waste when charged with drunk driving – you will need an experienced, committed drunk driving defense attorney to work with you nonstop to protect your rights, your freedom and driving privilege, and ensure a drunk driving charge does not prevent future employment opportunities. Michigan laws are very challenging, specific and often confusing to one who is charged with a drunk driving offense. Experienced, committed legal representation is your key to building a sound defense and minimizing any penalty, including working to restore your driver’s license when it is suspended.

There are many basic factors that enter into the severity of the penalties for drunk driving offenses. It matters whether you are under or over 21, for example. It also matters if this is a first or repeat offense. Convictions result in fines, jail time, community service and suspension of your driver’s license – and time periods for these penalties vary between first time and repeat offenders, with penalties being more severe and longer in duration if blood alcohol levels are greater than 0.17 and you are a repeat offender.

Attorney Matthew R. Kacel is ready to take your call and work tirelessly with you to provide a successful defense, if you are charged with a DUI, DWI or OWI. Mr. Kacel and his experienced team are the help you will need!

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