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Larceny, more commonly known as theft, can bring severe penalties, as it is a criminal offense. Michigan law considers larceny as acts such as stealing goods, money or assets, or property. Penalties are not driven totally by the value of what is stolen; there are other parameters as well. The fines and jail time increase with the value of what is stolen, and the value has much to do with whether the theft is considered a misdemeanor or felony. Generally, if the value of what is stolen is greater than $1,000.00, the act is a felony.

Fraud is also a criminal offense – it is the act of intentionally deceiving someone for personal gain or to do damage to another by depriving them of some manner of money, property, or a legal right. Sometimes there is more than one individual involved in fraud – there are several involved together. Their liability may be based on individual actions, collective actions – or both. Whether one is re-directing monies in a trust fund for their individual gain, or trying to prevent another’s rights, fraud is a serious matter, and a superior criminal defense attorney will treat this crime seriously as well. Put your trust in Matthew R. Kacel for a successful criminal defense case if charged with robbery, fraud or theft – he is West Michigan’s best answer for your defense!

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