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Dealing with divorce is rarely easy, but with the help of highly respected and experienced Divorce Attorney, Matthew R. Kacel, the proceedings will go as smoothly as possible.   Attorney Kacel knows Michigan divorce laws, and will work with you for a just settlement that meets your unique needs.  Any areas of disagreement in divorce settlements can be effectively minimized by adivorce attorney who will fight in earnest to protect your rights.

Michigan, like other states, has its own divorce and separation laws, and like most, is a no-fault divorce state.  One has only to file for divorce indicating that there has been breakdown in the relationship, with no prospects of resolving the issues.  Specific state and county residency requirements may also exist.  The more difficult part of a divorce settlement is getting the timing right, so that many costs, such as insurance and taxes, are minimized, and property is known and dealt with fairly.  A competent divorce attorney will anticipate adversarial moves by the other party, and help you prepare accordingly.

States have specific laws governing property distribution.  If children are involved there are also specific requirements by law to protect children.  In the West Michigan area, Matthew R. Kacel is your best choice for optimizing your divorce settlement.  You can count on him to represent you fairly and provide outcomes that exceed your expectations.

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