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Attorney Matthew R. Kacel

Attorney Matthew R. Kacel brings years of experience and wealth of legal knowledge to his West Michigan practice. Matt was born and raised on the east side of Michigan in the town of Waterford the youngest of three children. After graduating in the top ten of his class at Waterford Kettering High School, Matt attended Michigan State University where he studied political science and pre law. During his undergraduate studies at MSU, Matt worked for State Senator Wayne Kuipers of Holland and earned a place on the Deans List every semester for outstanding academic performance.

Matt graduated from Michigan State, with high honors, and received a bachelor’s of arts degree with a major in political science. After completing his undergraduate degree, Matt stayed true to his Spartan heritage and attended the Michigan State University College of Law. After graduating from Michigan State University College of Law, Matt started his legal career with the firm of Nolan Law Offices, PLLC and developed his litigation skills under the guidance of well-known trial attorney Terry Nolan.

Matt is currently a member of the State Bar of Michigan and the Muskegon Bar Association, and is admitted to practice in every county in the State of Michigan as well as the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan.

Matt is a different attorney than one is accustomed to. He is down to earth, up front with clients, and is truly empathetic to the crises and stressful situations his clients find themselves in. Matt discusses legal matters with his clients, seeks his clients’ input, and works to find the best possible resolutions to a case, if possible, without the need for expensive and lengthy litigation fees.

He certainly does not believe in “padding the bill” or filing useless motions, discovery requests, etc. that will yield very little benefit but will add to the financial burden of his clients. However, Matt recognizes that certain cases demand a trial or hearing and that those cases demand careful and timely preparation. All too often, trial lawyers neglect their clients’ files, fail to adequately prepare for trial or hearings, and the client suffers as a result in the form of an unfavorable outcome for the client. Matt is not one of these attorneys and believes in working with the client to prepare the best possible defense or case. Give us a call and let us demonstrate our commitment to your case. 231-747-9663

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