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Many states now have laws mandating arrest for incidences of domestic violence, due to efforts to decrease the incidence of these cases. State-specific laws will define under what circumstances a suspected perpetrator can be arrested, and the status of the alleged victim of this violence, such as a spouse, former spouse, girlfriend, etc. In some cases police can make an arrest even without a warrant. Some state laws dictate mandatory arrest, others define arrest as preferred, and others consider it to be at the officer’s discretion. Many other circumstances enter into the domestic violence arrest laws as well, such as if the victim is a blood relative or if the arrest can only be made within a defined time period after the incidence.

Clearly, there are many different factors that have to be considered in the defense of an alleged domestic violence perpetrator, making the need for an experienced, trusted criminal defense attorney of paramount importance. Matthew R. Kacel is the greater Muskegon area’s choice for the job, as he will leave no stone unturned in the proper preparation for a domestic violence case. More and more arrests are being made in domestic violence cases, and the alleged victim is not always a woman or child. Case law shows men can be victimized as well. If you are charged with this crime, get the best help available – Matthew R. Kacel.

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