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With the help of an ethical and resourceful attorney, the emotionally-fraught issue of child custody & parenting time can end in a solution that works for all – but only if the interests of the children come first.  Michigan laws are very supportive in ensuring the children involved have sound relationships with both parents, and have established guidelines to help equalize parenting time.  The expertise of Attorney Matthew R. Kacel  will be invaluable to a grieving parent who is already feeling the loss of ability to control the outcome of a child custody dispute.  It is difficult to bring logic into presenting a good case when anger and fear enter into the equation.   Requesting the empathetic help of a practiced and successful child custody & parenting time attorney will ensure you have the protections available for child custody and parenting time rights.

Custody can be meted out in different types:  sole physical custody, joint physical custody, sole legal custody, etc. – and it takes an experienced and dedicated attorney to fight for the best outcome for your interests in protecting your child.  Different types of custody define the rights and responsibilities of either parent.  Your rights will be protected when a court order, signed by a judge, finalizes his/her determination in your case, which is enforceable under the law.     It is important for you to know that even if you have had some bad situations in the past that you feel may hinder your case for obtaining custody rights, problems can be worked through, when your attorney gets to know your unique strengths and assists you in establish acceptable guidelines for parenting time.

Parenting time can be worked out through dedication to the children’s welfare first.  Changes in planning can occur for various reasons, but setting up the guidelines that ensure fairness to all will be key in child custody settlements.

Matthew R. Kacel, dedicated Muskegon, MI child custody attorney, will aggressively fight for your parenting rights!

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